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ANFO - Strategies workshop for adaptation to drought in Olfen

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Final Discussion of Workshop results for the Adaption strategy © Alexander Thüs​/​TU Dortmund
Final Discussion of Workshop results for the Adaption strategy

Persistent drought as a problem in Germany? According to this summer's headlines, the opposite seemed to be the case. Heavy rain and flooding dominated the front pages. However, the various extreme weather events will increase due to climate change and therefore require adaptation. The experiences from the drought years 2018-2020 with their far-reaching consequences for many aspects of life should therefore not be forgotten. 

In addition to concrete results, the municipality of Olfen is also developing universally applicable guidelines for dealing with the issue of drought. With a climate impact analysis, the needs for further climate adaptation actions were identified, particularly in agriculture, forestry, urban development and water management. Hence, the climate adaptation strategy is currently developed. 

Against this background, a strategy workshop for climate adaptation was held on Tuesday, 02.11.21, with local experts in the Leohaus in Olfen. About 20 stakeholders and representatives of different areas of responsibility (e.g. farmers, foresters, district and the city administration) discussed the results of the analysis and identified objectives and strategies. Based on these strategies, specific adaptation measures for Olfen will be developed in spring 2022.