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Department of Spatial Planning
Research project

ANFO - Strategy to Adapt to the Impact of Drought in Olfen

Project duration: 06/2020 to 05/2023

There has been an increasing number of prolonged dry periods in recent years. A lack of precipitation, a high number of sunshine hours, and dry winds impact the hydrologic balance and groundwater recharge, as well as, agriculture and vegetation. However, there are not many readily available approaches dealing with drought impacts in Germany. For that reason, a municipal lighthouse project is conducted in Olfen. Here, water resources are exposed to a number of use pressures, especially by agricultural uses, which account for about 60 percent of the town’s area.

The project objective is to identify and implement requirements and options to act on drought and its impacts in the rural town of Olfen. Thus, it is necessary to assess the consequences of drought in a holistic, model-based manner through climate impact analysis and to derive an adaptation strategy and measures in cooperation with all affected stakeholders. These measures are to increase the resilience of the town to climate change and consequently promote sustainable and climate-friendly urban and landscape development.

Concluding the project, a module-based guideline on dealing with drought at the municipal level is going to be developed based on the experience gained in the town of Olfen. Considering the nationwide challenge of conducting climate impact analyses, strategy development, development of measures, and their implementation, this guideline is intended to guide replication throughout Germany.

Funding programme Funding of measures for the adaptation to climate change
Funding priority Municipal pioneering projects as well as development of local and regional cooperations (funding priority 3)
Funding-ID 67DAS185A
Project partner City of Olfen