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Department of Spatial Planning

ANFO – Workshop on drought adaptation measures in Olfen

© IRPUD​/​TU Dortmund
The city park in Olfen in summer 2022

During the drought this summer, the relevance and necessity of the ANFO project (adaptation strategy for dealing with the consequences of drought in Olfen) has once again intensified. Following the strategy workshop, which was reported on this website in November 2021, the strategy development was completed. In the next step the planning and implementation of measures took place. To this end, detailed research was conducted to draw up profiles for the adaptation measures, which served as the basis for discussion with experts in another participation format, the workshop on drought adaptation measures.

On Thursday, June 23, 2022, the workshop on drought adaptation measures took place with about 20 local experts from various fields of work in the Leohaus in Olfen. In small groups, the profiles for the adaptation measures in the fields of urban development, agriculture, forestry and water management were reviewed, discussed and supplemented. In addition, the participants evaluated the measures with regard to their effectiveness in a general and locally specific context. Following the workshop, the action profiles were compiled into a comprehensive catalog of measures, which is intended to serve as an aid for players nationwide in dealing with the consequences of drought. In addition, the universally applicable guideline for the development of measures for municipalities was gradually completed.

Within the next months, the project team will work on selecting and implementing pilot measures in the city of Olfen. To this end, talks are currently being held with various players from the four fields of action in order to examine the implementation of individual measures in Olfen. The implementation of some pilot measures, especially in the city center, has already been initiated by the project.

© IRPUD​/​TU Dortmund
Irrigationbags as a adaption measure of drought in Olfen