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Department of Spatial Planning
Research project

LIPSINDAR - Linking Partners for Sustainable and Inclusive Dar es Salaam

Project duration: 03/2018 to 12/2021

LIPSINDAR is a network of three BMBF financed projects: GOPLAREA (IRPUD, TU Dortmund University), ECOSOLA (Department of Business Administration, Economics and Law, Carl von Ossietzky University Oldenburg), AFRICITY (Institute of Geography, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg). 

The project deals with development and implementation of research based strategy for the governance and planning of resilient cities in East Africa. This will be carried out through the approaches of the networked projects from different disciplines and thematic perspectives on risk, resilience, sustainable lifestyle and food security, process of governance, planning and inclusion as well as green infrastructure and adaptability of societies. Under the topic of institutions, social structuration process and inclusive city, the project examines development process of structuration and conflict afflicted negotiations within the context of formality, informality, institutions, governance and property right. Besides, activities of capacity building module in the main projects will be considered and applied to the joint interdisciplinary seminars and curriculum development. With this, it is aimed to contribute to the future oriented education, training and research in integrated urban development, risk and development studies.