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Department of Spatial Planning
Research project

IMPULS - Impulses for a sustainable, inter-municipally coordinated services of general interest in the Harz planning region

Project duration: 08/2021 to 07/2024

IMPULS aims at the planning and management of services of general interest, in particular with regard to upscale and high-quality specialized goods and services in the economic, social, cultural and scientific fields, by means of a regional concept for the Harz planning region that spans municipalities and counties. The relevant facilities are to be provided for the population in a long-term and sustainable manner, the cores or anchor points in the Harz region are to be strengthened, and a contribution is to be made to equivalent living conditions in the entire state, whereby environmental concerns are also to be strengthened as a component of the equivalence concept. In this way, IMPULS strives for a region-specific design of the Zentrale-Orte-Konzept by providing the desired cooperation model with a strategic bracket via a regional development concept. A possible way of formalization is shown with the development of contractual models. In perspective, the model is to be given binding spatial planning status by the state planning authorities in the form of a functionally divided Oberzentrum.

Further information is available on the IMPULS-website.

Funding agency: 
Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)

Project partners:

  • Regionale Planungsgemeinschaft Harz
  • agl Hartz * Saad * Wendl | Landschafts- Stadt- und Raumplanung
  • Stadt Halberstadt
  • Welterbestadt Quedlinburg (Associate partner)
  • Stadt Wernigerode (Associate partner)
  • Landkreis Harz (Associate partner)
  • Landkreis Mansfeld-Südharz (Associate partner)
  • IHK Magdeburg (Associate partner)
  • Ministerium für Landesentwicklung und Verkehr (Associate partner)