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Department of Spatial Planning
Research project


Project duration: 01/2024 to 12/2026

The aim of the project is to investigate the extent to which green infrastructure can protect CI facilities and systems from the impacts of climate change and to anchor this in planning instruments. Based on the functional and spatial interdependencies to be determined between the CI sectors, and specifically the spatially and functionally concrete protective effects of the individual GI elements, the aim is to


  1. improve knowledge of the resilience-enhancing effect of GI for CI;
  2. the Green Infrastructure Strategy for the Ruhr Metropolis is to be supplemented by objectives relating to the protective function for CI as an ecosystem service;
  3. a targeted prioritisation of the protection and further qualification of those GI elements whose local and systemic importance is decisive for the protection of CI is developed; also in order to be able to define corresponding priority areas in the Ruhr Regional Plan in a factually and spatially determinable manner
  4. initial pilot measures are developed for this purpose and included in the Ruhr Metropolis Green Infrastructure Implementation Programme;
  5. a CI component is developed for the planned resilience check;
  6. and the heat action plan based on the RVR's regional climate measurement network be expanded accordingly.
Funding agency

Ministry of Economic Affairs, Industry, Climate Action and Energy of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia, Co-financed by the EU (EFRE/JTF-Programm NRW Call for Regio.NRW – Transformation)

Project partner
  • Lehrstuhl für Landschaftsökologie und Landschaftsplanung
  • Regionalverband Ruhr