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Department of Spatial Planning

RENUWAS - Resilient management of utilisation conflicts in the water supply in Herten

In recent months, the RENUWAS project has held numerous interviews with key interest groups and user sectors regarding the drinking water supply in the city of Herten. In addition, the project's kick-off event was held in Herten in November 2023, at which the first specific challenges and potential problems for the drinking water supply in Herten were highlighted.

Based on the information and findings from the expert interviews and the kick-off event, the analysis of conflicts of use and possible prioritisation in the distribution of drinking water is currently being further elaborated. In the process, internal impact chains were developed for three drought scenarios - agricultural drought / hydrological drought / groundwater drought. The impacts were categorised according to their impact on the various identified sectors of use (such as population, industry, agriculture). Furthermore, so-called options for action (or possible measures) were identified for relevant stakeholders in order to be able to react to the respective negative effects of a drought scenario. In March 2024, a survey will be carried out directly with municipalities to determine the relevance and urgency of the use-specific impacts in order to provide a practical assessment.

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Work phase of the internal workshops to identify scenario-based impact and stakeholder-specific options for action

In April 2024, a workshop will be held with relevant stakeholders in the drinking water supply in Herten. Based on the findings of the survey of municipal practice and the expert interviews, drinking water supply priorities will be discussed. In addition, possible options for action will be discussed directly with the relevant stakeholders in Herten in terms of their effectiveness and effort.